A vehicle is rented out with a full tank, it must be returned with a full fuel tank too. If a car is brought back not fully tanked, the client is compensating the costs for filling a tank and pays administration tax 10 eur per each case.

Additional charges

If Grantee of hire loses the registration documents or keys of vehicle, extra charges of 150 eur will apply to compensate the loss.
Smoking is forbidden inside the vehicle. In case of violation this rule the Grantee compensates cleaning costs at 100 eur in each case.

Responsibility limits of the grantee of hire in case of an accident or theft

Any accident or damage recovery costs to a hired vehicle not covered by CASCO insurance ( deductable varies from 300EUR for automobiles to  580EUR for mini vans) are compensated to the Grantor of hire „Vestgaira” . The Grantee of hire must return the registration documents and key of a stolen vehicle to prove the theth also to contact to Grantor of hire and police officials to register the event.

Territories of usage

Vehicles can be explored in a whole Europe Union without any limits. However, A Grantee of hire must notify the Lessor a vehicle would be used outside Lithuania.
It is not allowed to go to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine , insurance does not cover these countries.


All vehicles are insured for third party liability and CASCO.

General rental conditions of vehicle

Age limitation. Drivers have to be not less than 24 and have a minimum 4 years of driving experience in order to rent a vehicle.

Documents required

Valid driving Licence
Passport or identity card (ID)
Valid credit bank card (VISA or MASTER CARD)


The hire price covers third party liability and CASCO insurance ( deductable limit  300EUR ( franshize) , VAT tax. Rates are counted per day while a minimum period of car rent charge is 24 hours. In case a car is returned with more than 2 hours delay the second day charges apply.


Payments are acceptable in cash, via bank transfer or credit card.

Additional services

Navigation equipment;
Baby seat